FREE COURSE: "How to Create Awesome Promo Videos"

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FREE COURSE: "How to Create Awesome Promo Videos"

Bryan Harris
Video Examples:

Have you ever wanted to have an awesome promo video like the ones above? 

If so, you've probably tried one of two things.:

1) Make it yourself 
2) Tried to hire somone

That probably went something like this:

1) You spent days and days ....and days and the end product sucked or you got so frustrated that you finally gave up and decided to have some one else do it.

2) You got the price back and realized you would have to sell a kidney or refinance your house to pay for it.

You were stuck! So, you quit.

I was in the same boat.

Then I figured out how to hack the system. One week ago, I was stuck. My video sucked and I didn't have enough money to pay someone else. 


Then I figured it out. I applied a method that I have used for years.  The video was made in under 48 hours for $50 using that exact method.

I posted some of my progress and people loved it! So, I've decided to make a course to show you how to do the EXACT same thing. I'll hold your hand through the process and show you everything to get a video made this week.

What this course IS NOT:
It is not about teaching you to use an online service, a particular video editing tool or how to be a video expert. It is about teaching you how to make awesome videos cheaply and quickly.

What this course IS:
It is about teaching you a particular workflow combination that has helped me to make videos with limited to no video editing experience and no special tools. 


Do I need any special tools or software to make these videos?
No. You will need to download a few free programs like Skitch and Jing. But you will not need to use After Effects or Final Cut or anything like that.

Does this course teach me how to use After Effects?
No. It teaches you my custom workflow for reverse engineering existing videos, mapping our your content and using professional talent to put it all back together.

If you have any questions you can reach my via email at bryan@videofruit.com
This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get a FREE three part video training series. It will show you, in detail, how I make incredible videos for my business, website and apps.

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